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Our Story

Lifepen is proud of its South African and British roots. Founded at the beginning of 2019, with a true passion for cannabis and its many benefits, we strived to be pioneers in safe consumption of legal cannabinoids in a new and ever growing market.


At Lifepen, our customers come first. We have endeavoured to create the safest and most enjoyable experience, using premium, organic, hemp-derived CBD for all of our products.


Our custom vape cartridges use patented ceramic hardware, passing all heavy metal and lead tests.


We are proud to offer connoisseurs as well as beginners various strain specific formulations to suit the need for any time of the day.

Our goal is to become the most prestigious brand in South Africa, and eventually becoming renowned worldwide.


All of our CBD is 3rd party lab tested to ensure the purity, quality and safeness for consumption.

What we do?

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