Lifepen Batteries



Our Lifepen batteries are customised to fit perfectly to your Lifepen CBD cartridge, giving you a sleek, compact and discrete CBD vape pen.

Each battery has a universal 510 thread connection, should you wish to use it with any other compatible vaping products.



Universal 510 thread connection
350 mah
Micro USB charging



Directions for use

  • Turn on/off – 5 clicks
  • Change voltage – 3 clicks (red – high, blue – medium, green – low)
  • Preheat – 2 clicks
  • Stop preheat – 1 click
  • Use Lifepen – hold button and inhale for up to 2 seconds


There is a battery indication light at the bottom of the vape for charging – (red – needs charging, green – fully charged).

N.B. Do not use a fast charger to charge your Lifepen battery.